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Assistant Professor of Farabi Branch of University of Tehran, Qom


It is important to prevent bloodshed and war to the extent that it is proper to pay maximum attention to prevention of conflict in comparison with trying to extinguish the flames of war. Although trying to achieve reconciliation between conflict parties is in itself important, it is less important than prevention of conflict.
Since the followers of any religion or sect, regard themselves right and others wrong and on the other hand there is some thing seen in many religions or sects concerning the killing of other religions or sects’ followers, these two may cause religious or doctrinal motivated- or otherwise but with doctrinal or religious color- conflict and war between the followers of religions or sects.
Islam has taken preventive measures to avoid many conflicts and bloodshed between Muslims with the followers of other religions. Compared with other religions in this regard it will be clear that how much Islam seeks peaceful and safe environment


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