Document Type : Research Article


Assistant Professor of Political Science and Law, Allameh Tabatabaei University


The accelerating phenomenon of globalization has caused many decisions, reactions and assessments to be adopted at the global level and with involvement of transnational factors and also caused a kind of ethical “nation-globe” which is created based on “human rights” notions defined by a set of common interests to be at the core of attention. In this emerging paradigm, certain actors different from governments, inevitably, play roles with various orientations at the international level.
However, are these procedures and trends, mostly accepted by everybody in the international area? Or it should be considered to become worthy of being considered? Whether it is a wave affected by power in the hands of the powerful forces and that will bear no fruit except discrimination?
The answers to these and some other questions will be discussed in this article in the light of “global citizenship” notion.


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