Document Type : Research Article


Associate Professor of Political Science, Mazandaran University


The author's purpose of this paper is to prove that political philosophy in the face of multiple challenges in political life need improvement and revision of its foundations. The argument to show frustration and dissatisfaction over the course of the development of society, Failures and weaknesses of the three components in the twentieth century theories, such as Nationalism, Liberal democracy and Capitalism will be evaluated. After pointing out the negative consequences of such frustration that the spreading insecurity, Violence and alienation, The idea of intercultural dialogue as a new basis of moral theorist studied in a diverse world. the writer With regard to the idea of ethics Kantian – Habermas Analyzing that today's world is a society based on sharing the risks that requires new political philosophy that based on dialogic approach. Accordingly peaceful ethics has been reviewed and criticized: Including sustainable dialogue, emphasizing the historical understanding, cooperation among civilizations, the virtues of the world.present characteristics are principles from the basic features of modernity in the Kantian sense with regard to concepts is affected by critical theories.


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