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Faculty Member of the Department of Law at the Faculty of Literature and Humanities at Malayer University, Malayer, Hamadan


Over the last decade, pirates have resumed their activity in the international seas and waterways after years of enthusiasm. This has led to a surprise to the international community and a series of generally violent and violent measures to confront these perpetrators. However, piracy perpetrators, like those charged with other international crimes, enjoyed various privileges and privileges, with countries showing little interest in assigning these rights to these defendants. in addition, respect for human rights in the criminal proceedings against piracy committed with challenges such as respecting the reasonable deadline for arrest and detention of defendants on board the ship, the issuing authority has arrested detainees and prosecuted piracy suspects in a third country who deserve attention and Review. In the present research, the special status of prosecution, arrest and trial of piracy offenders and applicable human rights are discussed.


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